Computers and shoulder pain...

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My job involves a lot of time in front of a computer and this has at times caused a lot of pain, mostly due to my own ignorance. Hey, you live and you learn, right? I hope so. ;-)

My left shoulder has often gotten painful when I didn't pay enough attention to my posture when I worked at my computer. I may put too much weight on my left arm when I rest it on the keyboard and this along with slouching forward can sometimes cause pain in my shoulder blade.

What makes the biggest difference for me in terms of pain relief is a combination of being very aware of my posture as much as possible along with regular movement to make sure I don't strain the shoulder too long with the exact same limited range of activities.

Yoga can be very helpful for pain relief. I find an ergonomic keyboard also helps as it obviously keeps my shoulder in a more natural position when I type. I also use an upright mouse which helps a lot to avoid wrist but also elbow and shoulder pain on the right side.

A good chair is a worthwhile investment when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I sometimes adjust my desk to stand while I work because sitting for longer periods on end causes hip, shoulder and back pain and also fatigue. One day when my ship comes in I may invest in an automatic sit-stand desk.

I've used a combination of the above plus regular magnesium baths and also at times pressure point massage to make any pain I experience more manageable.

It's important not to ignore pain and to take action because long-term pain can become chronic and gets more and more difficult to treat.

Take care!

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